The Bases are the buildings that were assigned to the teams who participated in the 32nd America’s Cup. They were built around the inner harbour of the Port of Valencia, as a place to store ships and their supplies, but also as a working space for all team members. For their construction, the edges of both docks, Aduana and Nazaret, were brought forward, allowing for 60-80 metre wide land gains.

These  modular constructions are easily assembled and disassembled. Each one is a different size, with the minimum dimension at 35 × 35 metres. They have been home to all kinds of facilities, including offices, gyms, cafes and terraces, and have also served as a docking area for dinghies. Options for their current use are endless.

Currently, the Bases have been adapted and are available for the establishment of any company or business wishing to operate from La Marina Real Juan Carlos I. The spaces are varied and versatile and can therefore house traditional offices or any other activity that requires special dimensions.


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