A specific fuel station for boats is located at the entrance to the harbour of La Marina Real Juan Carlos I. It has its own mooring facilities with various suppliers of different types of fuels.

The station has specific staff who specialise in mooring boats and supplying fuel to vessels of any type and any length.

Company dedicated to the sale of petrol, diesel A and diesel B. Its high flow pumps are suitable for all types of vessels. it  supplies superyachts with fuel through the use of tankers.

The store features accessories, lubricants, food, and beverages and ice.

It  offers bicycle rental services.

Opening hours:  fMonday to Sunday, from 8 am – 8 pm

Alejandro Ripoll Orts

Ripoll Service Stations

Dársensa Norte (close to Capitanía)

46024 Valencia.

Telephone: +34 960046819

Fax: +34 963621454

Website: www.esripoll.es

 Gas Station Marina Valencia