The dry docks were built in the early twentieth century, at the beginning of a period of great construction activity in the Port of Valencia, when the warehouses, the Maritime Station, the rails and the urbanisation were all built. They were located on the so-called Varadero Dock, next to the railroad tracks. Construction began in 1914 and consisted of two docks, one for public use and one for port vessels and works. Each consisted of three sections, the central one with just one ground floor for the engine room and two sides sections of two floors, for offices, tools and rooms for the guardian and the head of the dock. The adornment combines modernist and historical elements.

In 1989, a restoration project was designed given the precarious state and quality of the original materials. The original building was demolished and reconstructed. The new building retains the same external appearance, with a symmetrical rectangular base and two floors. It is currently composed of:

The side towers: made of reinforced concrete, accessible by its north façade, as it was originally. The building has a ground floor, first floor, second floor and roof top, without access to it from the inside.

The central zone: metal structure, consisting of ground floor, first floor and roof top. The façade is made of red brick, cast stone and woodwork glazed with clear glass.

The building is an icon of Valencian modernist architecture, with fully restored façade and interiors. Opposite the Customs Access, there is an elegant reception area by the entrance, numerous rooms and offices equipped with all necessary services for the establishment of businesses and a large terrace with views spanning the entire Inner Harbour.

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