La Marina Real Juan Carlos I is a space in which work, life and leisure intertwine. It is an example of the city’s determined commitment to renew its maritime façade, transforming the area into another neighbourhood of the city.

La Marina is not only the holder of the harbour’s historical tradition, but also a witness to its changes in recent years. It was the epicentre of the 32nd and 33rd America’s Cup, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, which has helped Valencia become a first-class tourist destination and contributed to the current layout of the city.

La Marina now embarks upon a new and hopeful stage, marked by its openness to Valencians and its desire to make the venue a constant source of growth.

This is one of the main challenges it faces: to become an area which generates wealth and employment, where technology companies, shops and restaurants open their doors and which, moreover, has an important nautical industry that will make it a prime location in the Mediterranean for mooring vessels during the winter.

La Marina’s nautical tradition has not been forgotten. In fact, it has become one of the Mediterranean’s main sporting harbours. With more than 900 berths, La Marina features first-rate facilities capable of storing boats ranging from 8 to 150 metres in length and a separate dock for superyachts over 25 metres long.

Leisure is another one of La Marina’s main activities. It offers a wide range of restaurants, entertainment venues and recreational sailing and boat trip companies.

La Marina is regularly used as a venue for popular sporting events, renowned international regattas and major concerts and events.

However, La Marina also aims to be a site for everyday life, which Valencians and tourists alike feel as their own. With more than 2,500 square metres dedicated to children’s entertainment, 4 kilometres of bike lanes and many walking areas, it also includes the House of the America’s Cup, a museum featuring an interactive walk through the history of the oldest trophy in the world.

All this comes with the firm commitment to unite the necessary willpower and effort to turn La Marina into a site of everyday use for Valencians and a reference coordinate in the Mediterranean.


Marina Real aerial photo

Marina de Valencia berths

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