Marina de Empresas business centre

An initiative launched and supported by the Valencian entrepreneur, Juan Roig, Marina de empresas is a large business ecosystem on the Mediterranean Sea. All the phases of creating a new business come together here: training, help in starting up projects and funding for business ventures.

Located in the historic dock, the centre covers 18,000 m2, distributed across three buildings which house:

  •  Edem: a business school that is rooted in the business world, offering practical and high-quality training. It offers two degree courses: Business Administration and Management for entrepreneurs, and Engineering and Business Management, as well as 15 leadership training programmes. Every year, almost 1,000 students pass through its classrooms.
  • Business Incubator: The business accelerator was launched in 2013 and offers financial resources, training possibilities, business advice and help for entrepreneurs to get their projects off the ground.
  • Angels: an investment company with a mission to invest in entrepreneurial leaders to develop sustainable business using the Total Quality business model.